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funfetti cake balls

September 27, 2010

I’m baaaack! And to make up for that fail-face of a ten-day hiatus, I have a string of baked goods to post about, none of which is even remotely nutritionally redeeming. This is the first.

I saw cake balls a while back on Bakerella, and like most recipes, I filed it away on my computer and forgot about it.

Unlike most recipes, though, these are cake balls. So when I remembered their existence last week, I decided that I had to make them. Immediately. Despite the fact that I already had a full roster of a to-do list for the kitchen. But it’s okay, because they’re easy! Sort of.

First, bake a cake. You could probably do this from scratch, too, but let’s be real, here, it’s getting crumbled up and smooshed into balls. I went with boxed funfetti mix. All the recipes I looked at called for the 9-by-13 size, but I’m sure you could do any other size if you really wanted to.

Then, crumble it all up in a big bowl. I used a fork for this, but you could also use your hands. I was feeling uncharacteristically clean that day.

Next, plop in some of this. And by “this” I mean about 3/4 of a can of pink funfetti frosting, because clearly nothing less will do.

And some of these.

Mix it all together until you get basically the paste form of my fifth-grade circus birthday party. In other words, it should look approximately like an eleven-year-old girl’s art project just puked on your kitchen counter. If it doesn’t, you’re doing something wrong. If it does and you don’t fully enjoy that fact, you’re just doing something wrong in general.

Then, roll the mixture into balls, giving up any hope of maintaining said hand-cleanliness. I used a tablespoon to portion out the mixture at first, but then I lost patience and just rolled them into balls about 1 inch in diameter. Lay the balls out on a waxed-paper-lined cookie sheet and stick ‘em in the freezer for at least 45 minutes. (Mine ended up staying in there for a couple of hours because, as I said, I had about five other projects that night, not to mention the season premiers of Community, 30 Rock, and The Office, but I’m sure 45 minutes would probably be fine, too.)

Finally, dip the balls in melted chocolate (any kind will work—but I found that when I ran out of store-brand chocolate chips and had to resort to the Ghirardelli’s bittersweet we had in the basement, the latter was much more liquidy and easy to use—which also meant that they melted in your hand much more easily…so if you’re willing to spend the extra bucks, Ghirardelli’s works better, but if not, just make sure you buy some extra store-brand). I read about several theories on the best method for this part online, with tools ranging from forks to toothpicks to spatulas, but in the end, I just ended up dropping them in the chocolate one by one, rolling them around, and picking them out with a fork. Lay them back on the waxed paper and refrigerate them to make them easier to eat and slightly less messy.

But obviously, you’ll have to try one before you do that.

These things are basically sugar bombs (delicious sugar bombs, obviously). They had everyone who tried them vibrating with energy for about 20 minutes before entering a complete and total sugar coma. Which is always a good sign in my book. Lisa made the red velvet version with cream cheese frosting, though, which weren’t quite as sweet, so if your tastes are more sophisticated than a fifth-grade girl’s, you can definitely go with those.

Source: Bakerella

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